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A month constitutes 30 days. If a monthly rental is terminated prematurely in the first month, the applicable daily or Monthly Rates which ever is lower shall apply. However, any pro-rated rental charges after the first month will be computed on our Standard Brochures Rate on the 14+ daily rental less 50% discount (subject to 5% GST, the applicable CDW daily rate optional PAD).
- Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
- 6% Good Service Tax (GST)
- Unlimited Kilometres
- Full Maintenance
- Replacement of Vehicle (of similar size/capacity or next available group), which may be required for Mandatory Road Transport Department Inspection (Bi-Annual) or for mechanical repair.
- Standard Motor Insurance, which provides cover against unlimited liability to death or bodily injury to third party and/or property damage up to RM 1,000,000.00.
Collision Damage Waiver which is not insurance, is included to reduce the excess liability to minimal Non - Waiver able to Excess as detailed below:

Vehicle Group A - B C D E
Excess Liability RM3,000 RM4,500 RM6,000 RM10,000
Collision Damage Waiver Fee RM20 per day RM25 per day RM55 per day RM75 per day
Non - Waiver Able Excess Amount RM1,000 per accident RM1,500 per accident RM3,000 per accident RM5,000 per accident

CDW will only be effective subject to availability of a police report. Acceptance of CDW does not cover the non - waiver able excess amount indicated above which shall be the responsibility of the Rental. CDW coverage do not cover missing items or accessories or damages on the undercarriage and upper carriage of our vehicle, caused by negligent driving as per stipulated in our terms and conditions of our rental agreement.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) Optional

- Additional personal coverage of RM 100,000.00 (per vehicle) can be purchased at RM 150.00 per month
for the above - vehicle groups.

Collection and Delivery

- These are chargeable from a minimum fee of RM30.00 and above per collection and delivery subject to 6% Goods Service Tax. The amount chargeable will depend on the distance and accessibility of the destination from the nearest DMG rental location.

Cross Border Restriction

- All vehicles rented from DMG Car Rental are prohibited from entering Thailand. For entry into Singapore, please refer to DMG Car Rental Officer for advise and permission.


- Petrol, parking, toll fees, traffic fines and miscellaneous charges are the responsibilities of the renter.

Emergency Service

- In any emergency situation, such as breakdown, DMG Car Rental has engaged the Automobile Association Of Malaysia (AAM) to provide 24 hours service or call us for further advice.
- All rentals are subject to the full Terms and Conditions detailed in the DMG Car Rental Agreement.

1. Malaysian Citizen

a) Residential Water & Electricity Bill (original)
b) Identification Card MYKAD (original)
c) Valid Driving License
d) Minimum age: 23 years old
e) Valid Credit Card (Visa, Master, Amex, Maybank Debit Card)
f) Credit Card Deposit as Guarantee
i) RM500 for vehicle not exceeding 1,600cc
ii) RM1000 for vehicle exceeding 1,600cc
g) Business Card and/or Company Employee ID Card with telephone number

2) Non-Malaysian Citizen

a) Passport (original)
b) Valid Visa
c) Valid Work Permit if hiring for business
d) Valid International Driving License (any country)
e) Valid Credit Card
f) Credit Card Deposit as Guarantee
i) RM1000 for vehicle not exceeding 1,600cc
ii) RM2000 for vehicle exceeding 1,600cc

a) All documents must be submitted & legible
b) All documents (excluding credit card) must be of the intended
c) Additional driver must submit their own documents
d) Prices are subject to change without prior notice